Mobile DJ & Mobile Disco

No matter what the reason for your party, I can provide the perfect solution for you. From a small house party, to a large function room or marquee, I will bring the sound and lighting that will make your party look and sound great. And if you only need a DJ for the evening, no problem, I can turn with my headphones, mic and music, and play whatever you choose.

Birthday Parties
I've DJ'ed for all ages over the past 20 years. From a 1st birthday, all the way up to 100 years, no one is too young or too old to have a party. 16th & 18th parties are a speciality, as I play all the latest chart, dance, R&B, D'n'B, Dubstep and Grime! But don't be put off by this, as I am just as happy to play plenty of cheese and party anthems, or some fantastic 60's & 70's classics. The party is yours, and your choice of music is the most important part of the evening. Just leave it to me to play the right music at the right time, to keep the party going.

Wedding Receptions
Your wedding reception is one of the most important days of you and your partners lives, so take your time choosing your wedding DJ. The reception is the longest and most attended part of the day, and your guests (as well as you) want to end the celebrations with a good party. This is where you really need to consider the abilities of the person you hire. Will someone charging very little be giving the same level of service as someone with more experience who charges that little bit more?

Sound and Lighting
Sound quality is vital to the success of a good night, as there is nothing worse than leaving a party with ringing in your ears. It shouldn't be too loud that it hurts, or to quite that everyone else can hear your conversation.
Lighting is just as important, giving your party the right look and atmosphere helps to impress your guests. To much, and everyones eyes end up hurting, to little, and you end up sitting in the dark. Also consider extra effects, like smoke, haze or even lasers for that extra bit of bling!