Your DJ & Your Wedding Reception


Your wedding reception is one of the most important days of you and your partners lives, so take your time choosing your wedding DJ. The reception is the longest and most attended part of the day, and your guests (as well as you) want to end the celebrations with a good party. This is where you really need to consider the abilities of the person you hire. Will someone charging very little be giving the same level of service as someone with more experience who charges that little bit more?

A wedding reception is more than just some music and lights on at the end of a very hectic day. It is the final part of the ceremony, where all of your friends and family can join in with you to celebrate your happy occasion. For many this will be a great memory they can treasure forever with you, and re-live at your future anniversaries. Sussex Parties will be with you from the very first moment of contact, helping you to plan every detail. This may be the only time you get to plan a wedding reception, but Sussex Parties have done it many, many times, and can guide you from planning your entrance, through to the 1st dance and the throwing of the garter (if there is one). All the way to the final song of the night. And if you need help with a microphone and speaker for those all important speeches, I can help there too.